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About the Team

Faculty Members:

Tim Arner is an Associate Professor of English and Grinnell’s Associate Dean of Curriculum and Academic Programs. A medievalist and digital humanist, Tim directed the student teams that produced The Grinnell BeowulfOld English music videos, and, now, the VR Heorot. He earned his PhD in English from Penn State in 2007.

David Neville is a Digital Liberal Arts Specialist in the Grinnell College Digital Liberal Arts Collaborative. He is also the founding Director of the Immersive Experiences Lab, an interdisciplinary community of inquiry and practice exploring new ways to approach the liberal arts through immersive three-dimensional (3D), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) technologies. David has a Ph.D. (Washington University in St. Louis, 2002) in German Language and Literature and a M.S. (Utah State University, 2007) in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences.

Student Members:

Zoe Cui, class of 2020

Ethan Huelskamp, class of 2020, joined the Beowulf team as the primary 3D artist working in 3Ds Max and Substance Painter. He participated in the site-specific research trips to Iceland and Denmark to assist with the gathering of reference images and knowledge.

Anna Brew, class of 2021

Tal Rastopchin, class of 2021

Brenna Hanlon, class of 2022, is an English and Studio Art double major with an interest in Medieval English and Irish poetry. She works as a subject matter expert for the project, using academic research to guide the creation of the learning experience. She is also the main student in charge of organizing and updating this blog, and designed the logo shown on the homepage of the website.

George Kosinski, class of 2023, is an intended English major with an interest in Old Norse literature and history. He works as a subject matter expert, using scholarship to inform the creation of historically accurate art for the project.

Michael Andrzejewski, class of 2023, joined the team as a primary Unity Developer working with C# and the Unity Interface. He has developed and published a full-fledged VR game on Steam called City Breaker and is primarily responsible for developing the interactable SteamVR and Unity components that allow for realistic torch-lighting, teleportation/locomotion, terrain, and scoring.

Former Team Members:

Justin Thomas

Madison Smith, class of 2020, joined the team from May — December, 2018 as a Material Specialist to develop the initial floor plan and objects within the hall. She is an English & Theatre and Dance major with an interest dramaturgy and artistic direction.

Joseph Robertson, class of 2019

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